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To become a formidable leader, failing and adapting is apart of the job. Aspiring leaders can learn from those who have tapped into a recipe for success and avoid mistakes wherever possible. With the vast and wide-ranging medium of podcasts, companies, entrepreneurs and coaches offer the expertise that inspires employers to evolve and triumph. Cultivating a lifestyle that leads to greatness will become well-defined after enjoying these top five podcasts about leadership.

Leadership and Loyalty

Cited as Inc. Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Dov Baron explores emotional intelligence to generate success both at home and at work. Baron’s podcast Leadership and Loyalty offers guidance about living a purpose-filled life and cultivating a sense of self.

Harvard Business Review

With over 300 episodes available, Harvard Business Review proves there are meaningful lessons to learn from former presidents, entrepreneurs, and world explorers about leadership. HBR IdeaCast speaks with experts to offer refreshing perspectives about business and management. HBR’s podcast network deepens its coverage further by also intersecting anxiety, women at work, and crossroads in culture in the workplace.

Engaging Leader

For more than 25 years, communication expert Jesse Lahey knows engagement, trust, and passion are fundamental values that help turn any vision into reality. Connecting with listeners and guests on Engaging Leader, Lahey teaches the vital components in flourishing healthy relationships and making an impact on those who contribute to one’s road to success.

No Ego

International business consultant Cy Wakeman believes that leadership is not about aiming for perfect satisfaction surveys from employees, but promoting self-awareness. When neither exists, it’s impossible to create a productive environment. Her podcast No Ego offers authentic guidance on cutting corners with drama, eliminating entitlement, and relinquishing ego to mentor growth and drive big results.

The School of Greatness

Ask any CEO, public figure, or start-up owner about their lives, and they will offer lessons about failure and overcoming obstacles. This is exactly what entrepreneur Lewis Howes implements in his podcast The School of Greatness. Conducting interviews with industry leaders across the board, Howe’s dynamic discussions with guests leave listeners motivated and inspired by the hard-knock school of business and life.