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One of the greatest tools that mankind has at its disposal is books. Books are filled with knowledge passed down by people all over the world, and there’s practically an infinite amount of them. One particular topic with a lot of books written on it is leadership. Leadership is defined differently for every person, so reading about it can give one a better sense of what leadership is, and how to be a better leader. Read on if you’re interested in learning about a few great books on leadership.

On Becoming A Leader – Warren Bennis

On Becoming A Leader is a book that aims to redefine leadership while also taking a deeper dive into what actually makes a true leader. Bennis, who is widely considered the “dean of leadership gurus”, has advised many kinds of leaders on how to improve their leadership skills and this book is his seminal work. Bennis’ core belief is the focal point of this book; leaders aren’t born, they’re made. Bennis uses a more methodical approach for his readers so they’re able to easily follow along. A great read if you’re looking for something about how leaders are made as opposed to born.

Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust & Get Extraordinary Results – Judith E. Glaser

Using neuroscientific research, Judith E. Glaser delves into the idea that building up the right kind of conversations can lead to desired results and change. Glaser says that there are three levels of conversations, but that most of our conversations never make it past the first two levels which are transactional and positional. The final level, transformational, is where real change occurs, but it’s rare that we ever achieve it. This book offers plenty of new possibilities to discover your own potential and to help make a difference with your leadership.

Man’s Search For Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl

Many people consider leadership to be about survival and triumph of the human spirit in spite of fearsome odds and Viktor Frankl’s book does a great job of painting it like that. He shares his real-life story of survival from his time in Nazi death camps during World War II where labored in four separate camps and lost his entire family. Frankl’s book is divided into two parts, with the first part focusing on how the prisoners of the camps found meaning to survive while the second part delves into Frankl’s unique psychotherapeutic approach known as logotherapy. Man’s Search For Meaning is a unique and unusual story that has motivated readers around the world to become better leaders and survive regardless of the odds.